Chattermap is a new website platform that puts social media to work. A personalized Chattermap live-streams your existing Twitter posts (Facebook and Instagram coming soon) as well as posts from other communities you wish to highlight. Your customized social media feeds are embedded into an interactive map containing up-to-date weather and water quality observations. The Chattermap team includes data managers, application developers, and scientists with decades of experience. Allow Chattermap to be your digital signage and a tool to support your community.

For more informtion, contact Charlton Galvarino, And be sure to check out one of our community Chattermaps below.

Chattermap Weather

Streaming real-time tweets from a collection of coastal National Weather Service Stations along the SE United States and Gulf of Mexico.

Chattermap Election

Streaming real-time tweets from a collection of U.S. Senate and presidential candidates running in the 2020 election.

Chattermap Weather in Action

A look at Chattermap Weather during Hurricane Zeta.